Dramatic short film 


Recently diagnosed with Schizophrenia,Janie escapes her dull medicated life finding freedom inspired by a new city and a friendship with the fantastical Pixie.


Written By: Chantelle James

Directed By: Jeneffa Soldatic 


At The Edge Of Night
short film
At the Edge of Night is part ghost story, part love story, all-action mystical joyride between life, death and the meaning of it all.
Created by: Philippe Sung
Directed by: Brandon Fayette

Web Series 

the web series
Strange LA is comedic web series based on a news program that reports the strange, whacky and wonderful "groundbreaking" current events in LA.
Created by: Chantelle James & Alexandra Grossi
Directed by: Jonas Kord 
@strange_la  #strangeLA
 Mrs. Pennyworth
short film

Two friends; one mischievous and one cautious find themselves in an older woman's apartment. Transported in time they realize they are not the only ones in the apartment. 


Created by: Stephanie Wolf

Directed by: Garrett Guidera 
























Belkin Fitness Armband



             Directed By: 

Stephanie Wolf & Garrett Guidera






Belkin Store.Charge.GO. 



     Directed By: Todd Lorio








Belkin Thunderbolt



     Directed By: Todd Lorio